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Printer Model Series

Click the following series to go to the model series directly. 

DCP Series | DR Series | Fax Series | HL Series | MFC Series

TIPS: Use Ctrl + F to search your printer model directly. 


1570MC BF70 BS70  


DCP Series

DCP-110C DCP-115C DCP-120C DCP-135C
DCP-145C DCP-150C DCP-165C DCP-185C
DCP-385C DCP-585CW DCP-6690CW DCP-7040
DCP-8020 DCP-8025 DCP-9010CN DCP-9040CN
DCP-9042CDN DCP-9055CDN DCP-J125 DCP-J315W


DR Series

DR-2025 DR-2125 DR-2225 DR-3000
DR-3115 DR-3215 DR-4000 DR-5500
DR-6000 DR-7000 DR-8000  


Fax Series

Fax-1010 Fax-1020 Fax-1030 Fax-1150P
Fax-1200P Fax-1700 Fax-1750 Fax-1820C
Fax-1840C Fax-2660 Fax-2750 Fax-2820
Fax-2850 Fax-2890 Fax-2920 Fax-3550
Fax-3650 Fax-3750 Fax-4750 Fax-5750
Fax-645 Fax-685MC Fax-727 Fax-737MC
Fax-750 Fax-770 Fax-8070P Fax-817
Fax-827 Fax-8360P Fax-837 Fax-87MC
Fax-910 Fax-920 Fax-921 Fax-925
Fax-930 Fax-931    


HL Series

HL-1040 HL-1050 HL-1060 HL-1070
HL-1230 HL-1250 HL-1270N HL-1430
HL-1440 HL-1450 HL-1470N HL-1650
HL-1670 HL-1850 HL-1870 HL-2000
HL-2040 HL-2070N HL-2130 HL-2140
HL-2142 HL-2150N HL-2170W HL-2240D
HL-2250DN HL-2270DW HL-2700 HL-2700
HL-3040CN HL-3070CW HL-4040CN HL-4050CDn
HL-4150CDN HL-4570CDW HL-5040 HL-5050
HL-5070 HL-5140 HL-5150D HL-5170DN
HL-5240 HL-5250DN HL-5270DN HL-5340DN
HL-5350DN HL-5370 HL-5380 HL-6050D
HL-6050DN HL-7050 HL-7050N HL-730


MFC Series

MFC-1270 MFC-1770 MFC-1970 MFC-210C
MFC-215C MFC-2260 MFC-250C MFC-290C
MFC-3100 MFC-3220C MFC-3240C MFC-3420C
MFC-3820C MFC-410CN MFC-425CN MFC-4340
MFC-4450 MFC-4550 MFC-4800 MFC-49
MFC-490 MFC-490C MFC-490CW MFC-5100C
MFC-5200C MFC-5440CN MFC-5840CN MFC-5890CN
MFC-620CN MFC-640CW MFC-6490CW MFC-6890CW
MFC-7220 MFC-7340 MFC-7340W MFC-7420
MFC-7440 MFC-7820N MFC-7840W MFC-8220
MFC-8300 MFC-8370DN MFC-8420 MFC-8440
MFC-8460N MFC-8600 MFC-8820D MFC-8840D
MFC-8860N MFC-8880DN MFC-8890DW MFC-9120
MFC-9160 MFC-9180 MFC-9320CW MFC-9420CN
MFC-9440Cn MFC-9450CDN MFC-9460CDN MFC-960MC
MFC-970MC MFC-9840CDW MFC-9970CDW MFC-J220
MFC-J265W MFC-J410 MFC-J415W  


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