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What is OEM / Genuine Cartridge?
OEM or Genuine cartridges are the cartridges manufactured by your printer's company.
How about Compatible Cartridge?
Compatible cartridges are the cartridges manufactured by third parties companies. Compatible cartridges can be assembled with new components, or the used OEM cartridges refilled with ink or toners (known as the remanufactured cartridge).  These cartridges costs up to 30 to 70% less then the genuine. They level or sometimes exceed the standards of the genuines in terms of performances, print quality and page yield. 
What is the benefit of buying Compatible Cartridge?
1. It saves you 30% ~ 70% the printing cost. 
2. It's environmental friendly - It reduces the amount of solid waste into the lanfill sites. 
3. It will not break your printer warranty. 
4. It will not damage your printer if you choose the cartridges with great quality.
5. It's easy to install. 
What is Remanufactured Cartridge?
Remanufactured cartridges are used cartridges refilled with ink or toners.  They are disassembled after use, parts replaced or cleaned. 
Order FAQs
How can I order cartridges? 
1. Buy Online
a)     Browse inkjetkiosk.com.au
b)     Select your catridge by clicking "Add to Cart" button 
c)     Head to "check-out" 
d)     Pay 
2. Call us at 02 9938 9150
How would I know if my order is being processed?
We will send you an confirmation email once the order is confirmed, or you may call us at 02 9938 9150 if you want to know specifically an status of an order. 
Why don't I received any email confirmation?
Check the span mail or junk mail folder.  Your email service provider may considered our mail as spam. 
Shipping FAQs
For all the shipping rates and delivery date, you may check here for more details.  
Payment FAQs
What kind of payment method is available in inkjetkiosk? 
We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.  Direct Deposit is only available for schools, universities and government departments. 
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